Chanua | Northwest Biotech Initiative (NBI)
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Northwest Biotech Initiative (NBI)

We are excited to be collaborating with The Northwest Biotech Initiative on a range of projects.


The Northwest Biotech Initiative (NBI) is a professional student-led organisation aiming to provide a forum that encourages on-campus dialogue between enterprising students, local businesses and industry experts. The NBI’s mission is to promote the development of early stage researchers by providing an inclusive platform for fostering relationships between academia and the growing local biotech sector. NBI
achieves this through events – panel discussions and workshops as well as competitions (consulting case competition).


The NBI endeavours to provide opportunities for participants to build business acumen and gain transferable entrepreneurship skills directly from experienced professionals and industry experts. The NBI provide a good example of how other subject areas could develop a PGR driven resource to help research graduates network together and explore non-academic job opportunities.


Students involved will benefit from;
  • Connecting students and local businesses & industry leaders, establishing an on-campus professional networking platform
  • Potential placement and job opportunities upon graduation; interactions with head hunters
  • Fostering innovation & entrepreneurship in the Biotechnology field
  • Development of young researchers – broadening career horizons
  • Inter-connection of university graduates’ students; Current strong links with the University of Manchester (extending to University of Sheffield, Leeds, LJMU, Newcastle)
  • Competition participation – Money prizes – Total of £1400 to win
  • Undergraduate students will benefit from an insight in life as a PGR and industry to make informed decisions on career paths upon completion of Bachelors


The end goal of NBI is to establish a culture of mutually beneficial exchange
between young researchers and the local biotech sector. Creating a platform where
postgraduate students can interact with industry is essential as it provides students
with a variety of career paths as well as expert opinion on current issues faced within
the country.


You can find out more about NBI here