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About Chanua


Chanua is an organisation solving some of the biggest challenges in Healthcare, Mental Health and Wellbeing. Derived from the Swahili term meaning to blossom and flourish, Chanua supports and develops initiatives that empower people to improve their health, mental health and wellbeing.


With increasing costs to healthcare, over the last few years there has been intense focus on health and wellbeing and the understanding that preventative approaches are paramount to a high quality of life. We support ventures and projects that are shaping the future of preventative population based, occupational and digital health. Having met at University over 13 years ago and uniting over a shared love of barbeques (with vegetarian options) and Liverpool’s Sefton Park, Naomi Mwasambili and Megan Charles two psychology graduates unwittingly began the journey towards health and wellbeing innovation.


Our interests led us down different but parallel routes. We both worked in NHS, statutory services, voluntary sector and small and medium enterprises. Our leadership roles have ensured that we have learnt the best way to nurture the wellbeing of individuals while highlighting, first hand the disparity between what is needed and what is offered. We converged once again having realised that the essence of what we both want to achieve is meaningful wellbeing innovations that inspire and empower individuals to improve their health and wellbeing, and so Chanua was born.


Chanua works with, grows, develops and supports ventures and organisations that improve the  health and wellbeing of people, communities and organisations. We are not limited by traditional views of what wellbeing can be and strive to showcase innovations that demonstrate results in a wide variety of ways. Working both in the UK and Internationally, we have provided consultancy and project management to a wide range of projects from writing and developing a national training Mental Health and Safeguarding Training programme for professionals funded by the Home Office to setting up ventures to address gaps in Health and Wellbeing provision.


We’re still working on a barbeque wellbeing venture idea!